2014/ Men against Domestic Violence. Male Allies

  Lewisham Leading Men talk about their commitment to help end domestic violence. They also talk candidly about their shock at the figures which are exceptionally high in the Lewisham borough. Del Strain, comedian and Broadcaster, Sir Steve Bullock Mayor of Lewisham, Justin Davies Detective Chief Inspector at MPS Lewisham. Peter Dacres Trainer for Street…

I want the pill they say will kill.

The lack of acknowledgement about the Menopause which will affect every woman in her life is something that is sadly still not spoken about. I wrote this poem about my own experiences of the menopause.


This is a piece about the impact that gun and knife crime leaves on a family. It features Jimmy Mizens father. kwames Ofosu Asare, father and  Dean, his brother shot his father. Stephen Lawrences Aunt and Bobby Mizen Brother of Jimmy.  I wanted to humanise the people behind the headlines.